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He Always Knew; A Jogan fic
Pairing: Julian/Logan
Words: 293

Julian leant against the door of Logan’s room, and watched him curiously. He was pacing back and forth at the far end of his room, growling something under his breath; completely oblivious to everything. A sudden frustrated growl had papers and books that had previously been lying on Logan’s desk flying halfway across the room, while Logan just glared at the wall in front of him as if that was the offending party.
Julian looked on sadly as Logan sat down on the chair beside the desk and with a groan rested his head upon his arms on the desktop.

Julian felt it was time to make his presence known, so he silently closed the door behind him and kneeled down beside Logan. He ran his fingers up and down Logan’s back in a soothing manner and saw the ghost of a smile play upon his lips.

“I wrecked everything” Logan whispered

Julian shook his head and pressed his lips softly to Logan’s hair. “Not everything” he smiled

Logan lifted his head up at that and Julian saw just how frustrated he was; there were tears in his glazed eyes. Julian immediately pulled him into a hug, and despite how awkward it was – with Julian kneeled on the floor and Logan on the chair – it helped to calm Logan.

Logan pulled back and kissed his Julian as a silent thank you. They rarely spoke about what they were thinking or feeling, but they never needed to; they always knew.

Logan pulled himself off of the chair and sat on the floor, leaning beside Julian who put his arms around Logan almost instantaneously.

“Feeling any better?” Julian asked quietly

“Much” Logan replied and rested his head upon Julian’s shoulder. “I always am with you”