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Always Here; A Hight fic
 Pairing: Han/Dwight
Words: 559

Han frowned as he watched the screen in front of him. Usually the screens would be full of all kinds of online forums, games, and TV and film marathons, but he currently had only one window open. The camera in Dwight’s room had caught Han’s eye as he flicked through, making sure no major disaster was looming over Windsor.
He watched sadly as the hunter sat in the middle of his room in his salt ring with his head in his hands.

Han watched Dwight for half an hour, not knowing whether to intervene of whether to leave him to himself, but when he heard a muffled sob come from Dwight’s room he was stood and moving before he even realised.


Dwight sat on his floor in the safety of his salt ring, staring at the grains in the dark wood flooring. He held his pendulum close to his chest and tried to keep the tears in his eyes from brimming over. He didn’t look up as he heard the soft click of somebody opening and closing his door. He raised his eyes slowly as he looked through blurry eyes and saw somebody kneel carefully in front of him, being cautious as not to disturb the salt circle.

Dwight looked up to see Han knelt in front of him, a worried expression on his face. Han absentmindedly handed Dwight the water sprayer that he had picked up on the way in, and Dwight gratefully took the water from Han and gave him a quick spray.

“Why are you here?” Dwight whispered

“You know why” Han spoke softly

Dwight shook his head “Shouldn’t you be up there?” he nodded upwards

“No. You need me here”

“But what if something goes wrong?” Dwight said frantically “What if someone gets hurt or possessed or if a demon takes over Dalton while you’re not watching! We wouldn’t be able to stop it. We wouldn’t know!” Dwight looked to Han, panicked

“You would know” Han said calmly, his voice even and the complete opposite of Dwight’s panic

“But what if I didn’t! What if I miss something like I did with-“

“Dwight!” Han said louder than he usually spoke, making Dwight look up at him in shock “You would know. I know you would, and so do you. Stop your panicking. You’re a hunter, of course you’d know” he smiled

“You’re right” Dwight nodded

“Permission to cross the salt ring...”

“Granted” Dwight said smiling. Han was the only person who ever asked

Han moved his hand to lace his fingers with Dwight’s.

“Thank you. For coming here...” Dwight whispered

“You’re welcome” Han smiled, as he moved his free hand to stroke Dwight’s hair “You should sleep, it’s late”

Dwight looked to see that the clock on the wall read 2am.

“Do you need to go?” Dwight asked quietly

“I can stay if you need me”

Dwight nodded looking down, a little embarrassed

“Well then. I’m not going anywhere” Han moved his hand from Dwight’s hair to cup his face. “I’ll get the salt. You do the windows, I’ll line the door”

Dwight smiled, not removing his hand from Han’s, and stepped carefully out of the salt circle. He moved forward and pressed a soft but loving kiss to Han’s lips

“I love you, my Castiel” Dwight whispered

“As I love you, my Dean”

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